We are proud of our residents at ADHAR Home of specially Abled. Who doesn’t know Bollywood actor Amir Khan and his matured contribution towards Paani foundation. This foundation is formed to conserve water and work towards draught free Maharashtra in coming years. The Satyamev Jayate Water Cup is an annual competition organized by Paani Foundation in which villages compete to do the best work in rainwater harvesting and watershed management. The top three villages in 2018 will get cash prizes of Rs.75 lakhs, 50 lakhs, and 40 lakhs respectively, and the top village from each taluka will get a cash prize of Rs.10 lakhs.
On 19th May our five Specially Abled with their 15 staff members went to Konambe village in Sinner Taluka Dist. Nashik. This Village is near to our ADHAR site of Nashik. The idea was floated by one of the Parents Mrs. Aditi Joshi that our Special Ones can also participate in “Shramadaam” at this village. They constructed a small boulder barrack at the end of a small hillock that will prevent the water to drain down.

This strenuous work was hugely appreciated by the villagers and Paani Foundation. Even the Special Ones care for the environment. They worked hard and tried to conserve water. Being mentally disabled couldn’t stop our Loved Ones to shoulder the social responsibility. We are proud of our residents.

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