Anant joined Adhar in 1994. He is one of the oldest residents of Adhar. The then 16-year-old boy was hyperactive. He wouldn’t sit in one place even for a short time. Anant used to tease others and was always tempted to play with electrical things. It became extremely difficult for his parents to handle his mood swings & manage his behavior. Thus Anant became a member of this lifelong home. Anant likes to roam, swing the swing. In the beginning, it was almost impossible to control him from running here & there. It was a little difficult to communicate him as he is a south Indian guy. Moreover, the boy faces the problem of feats.

He had admitted in the severe category & Adhar had appointed an independent caretaker for him. Over the period, with the support of the caretaker, healthy social atmosphere at Adhar & the team’s constant efforts changed Anant’s behavior drastically. Now he regularly goes to the special class. He is curious about the assigned activity. Regular medical check-ups & treatments have reduced the frequency of his feats. The parents of Anant are very satisfied to see his progress. Now Anant does not need a special caretaker. We are content to see the pleasure on his face & his father as well. Adhar runs this mission majorly on donations. You too can contribute your share & be a part of this noble cause.

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