Summer smells like a ripe mango. Mr. & Mrs. Devasthali parents of Ankita hosted a lunch on 26 th May 2019 at their residence for Ankita’s friends who are also her fellow residence at Adhar Badlapur. They were treated with a delicious meal along with aamras. Summers and mangoes are synonymous to each other. They can be enjoyed as a whole or in different forms. One such form of mango that is loved by all is aamras.

The joy of gulping down an entire bowl of aamras after a satisfying meal is above all and this joy is clearly visible on the faces of Adhar’s specially abled adults. Such efforts really make them happy and it was a blissful experience for Mr. & Mrs. Devasthali. We appreciate and encourage such parents who support mission ADHAR by caring and loving our specially-abled adults. Thank you Mr & Mrs. Devasthali for making the specially abled happy for the day.

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