ADHAR NGO benefits for all

ADHAR TRUST is not only working for the welfare of all inmates but also for employees and even the parents to some extent.

(1) Welfare of residents:- Al I parents are aware that the functioning of Adhar is transparent and their children are taken care of with utmost devotion. All their needs such as personal hygiene, balanced food, clean clothes, medicine, occupation therapy, outing, picnic, games, music, dance, sports, a celebration of all festivals, TV, milk at night, free movements inside complex and mingling with their co-residents are met with.

(2) Welfare of parents:- The parents are allowed to meet their children whenever they feel so. They are allowed to converse with their children through mobile with the help of social workers. Whatsapp messages are also sent to parents on Urgent matters. Quarterly reports of the children are being sent regularly to all parents. If a child is to be hospitalized, the parents are informed immediately. Information about the food intake of their children also given photos taken during festivals, sports, picnics, etc, are also being sent to parents.

There are two guest rooms which can be used by outstation Parents for staying for a few days. Parents can also meet their children and feed them homemade food in the parent’s room without disturbance from other children. Adhar has decided to construct Adhar Parents’ old age home near our Nasik center. This will give the parents
the opportunity to be close to their children. Adhar gives a subsidy of Rs. 3000/- per month to each parent considering the financial burden of retired parents. Adhar is trying to get sponsors who can sponsor the entire staff Salary every month so that the contribution from parents can be reduced. Adhar has given relief to all parents by removing their anxiety and worry regardingthefutureoftheirchildren.

(3) Welfare of staff:- Most of the employees are from nearby wadi and villages of Badlapur. They had no source
of income except the yield from the piece of land where they cultivate paddy. They were in financial difficulties. When Adhar started home for M.R. children it was a boon to most of them for they got work in Adhar.

Besides a good amount of salary other benefits like P. F and gratuity were also given to them. They get medical and earned leave besides one day weekly off. The medical camp is held every year and free medical checkups, blood tests, and X-rays also taken for both children and staff. If an employee falls sick while doing duty, medical aid is given immediately. Once, when a male employee died of a heart attack, his wife was immediately given employment and granted Rs. 50000/- for immediate expenses.

A picnic was organized for staff last year to remove the boredom from the daily routine and to keep their mind and
body fresh. Transport, accommodation and food, etc; for the picnic was arranged by Adhar for three days. Every
year Adhar arranges a picnic for the staff in groups.

Last Year Adhar celebrated the 25th year Silver Jubilee. The trust organized a Marathi Music Concert singer and a dinner for its employees and their family.

On 8th March Adhar celebrated “Mahila Divas” for female staff and female residents. Navratri Garba and Haldi
Kumkum during Sankranti is also arranged. The employees are given tea twice a day; lunch and breakfast on 15’h August and 26’h January are also given. Sponsored lunch for staff and children is also given. For the staff working in the night shift ( 4-12 pm}, dinner is provided daily.

The children of staff who passed the board exams, University exams, or ITI with merit are felicitated. For the staff transport facility to and fro from Ad har is provided. Thus Adhar shows consideration for all and all are happy to work for Adhar. Is it not good governance?


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