The TATA MUMBAI MARATHON (TMM) is an excellent platform for raising awareness about NGOs & our ADHAR has successfully participated in TMM 2019 last January & TMM 2020 ended recently. Our AD HAR benefited immensely by participating in Tata Mumbai Marathon - which is among the Top 10 Running Events in the world. For ADHAR to further benefit, we need the parents of ADHAR to support us by participating in the marathon and also by creating a Pledge page and generating donations through the page.

Our special ones thoroughly enjoy participating in Mumbai Marathon, so much so that they don't mind getting up early & starting from Adhar adlapur at 5 am! Our endeavor is to get all the parents to participate in TMM and generate a good amount of funds through the pledge pages.

Parents and well-wishers should also try and get the support of corporates for Adhar@TMM2021 and ensure that we maximize the revenue generation potential of the event.

We appeal to all Parents & Supporters of our ADHAR to help A DHAR by creating your own Fundraising Pledge Page during Tata Mumbai Marathon every year.

The process is quite simple, we will help you create your Pledge Page. You need not be a Runner, you can support Adhar from outside by spreading your Pledge Page amongst your Social & Family Circles. It's online & has a very simple process of payment of donations. In both the years, TMM2019 & TMM2020, we were enthused with the support and donations that were raised by the pledge pages. The Donor will be given a donation receipt from Adhar and will be able to avail of all the IT benefits. One of our parents has succeeded in collecting a handsome amount.

One of the regular participants of the Full Marathon (42 KM), Mr. Chitu Shetty, decided to support Adhar in this years event. He contacted us around the 11th of December 2019, and we helped him create his Pledge Page and look at the amazing response that he got for his page.

Looking forward for more enthusiastic participation by the parents and supporters of Adhar in future marathons.
GODblessourADHARalways. Best regards
- Ajay H. Mehta, Trustee.

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