Home for Senior Parents of Intellectually Disabled

Adhar has been receiving requests from the parent to make some arrangements of their care in line with the care extended to their children for so many years. In fact, one of our senior Trustee has already been staying at Adhar permanently.

The Trustees, therefore, have decided to start a home for senior parents at Nashik as a pilot project. We intend to provide the following facilities to the residents of ‘Home for senior Parents of intellectually disabled’ –

  • Fundamentally the Home will be for the parents of intellectually disabled adults
  • The capacity will be 12 rooms (Twin Sharing).
  • To provide lifetime care to senior parents
  • To provide basic facilities like hygienic food, laundry, Clean & proper residential facility, Telephone & internet access, TV, Newspaper.
  • To take care of their physical health with proper medicinal facilities.
  • To help them to come out from the loneliness, depression with the support of active & caring staff.
  • To provide proper lifestyle and socialization through group activities, picnics, Library, organize motivational talks on different topics, meditation, yoga classes, etc.
  • To support them to administer their personal chores like marketing, banking, etc.
  • The detailed Financials are being worked out. The initial estimated project cost will be Rs. 2.5 crores.


 ADHAR@TMM2020: Representing the noble cause & creating awareness:

TMM (Tata Mumbai Marathon) is one of t he Best Marathons in the world & it’s also one of the leading Marathons where lots of Charity Funds are collected every year.

As you all are aware that our ADHAR in its first year of participation in TMM 2019 with the support of 82 people helped collect over Rs. 16 Lakhs thru various modes.

As ADHAR has over 600 parents support, we are expecting everyone to support ADHAR in TMM 2020 thru any of the following options:

1. Creating Pledge Page to help generate a donation for our ADHAR from your circle.

2. Getting Corporates to run at TMM 2020 for ADHAR & supporting ADHAR.

3. Getting Individual Runners to run at TMM 2020 for ADHAR & supporting ADHAR.

4. Participating in TMM 2020 for ADHAR in Dream Run or at Motivation Zone.

Mumbai Gives – this is proved every year at the Mumbai Marathon so come forward to support our ADHAR at Tata
Mumbai Marathon 2020.


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