The Association of Parents of Special Adults is working for the benefit of the Special Adults. In the year 1990, around 25 parents of Special Adults children came together under the leadership of our Adhar’s founder Late Shri M. G. Gore to find out a permanent solution for their constant worry of “After us what? Who will take care of our special children?” Thus Adhar Badlapur was born with the concept of a residential institution taking lifelong care and rehabilitation of Special Adults for the benefit of parents and their family.

It works in the spirit of Trusteeship and is managed by a Board of Trustees. At present we have 325 Special Adults (242 male & 83 female) under our care. Adhar is providing them with lifelong care, training and rehabilitation facilities with the help of Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Medical Officers, Social Workers, Special Teachers, Care Takers and other Office Staff.

Adhar does not receive any grant or aid from the Government. It runs on parents’ contributions and donations. Since its inception, Adhar has been extending financial subsidy to the parents depending on their economic conditions. Currently (March 2018) the average age of the Special Adults is about 45 yrs and average age of parents is around 70 yrs, which means that the parents’ contribution will reduce in future as they get older.



We believe that the growth of ADHAR to the present position was possible only through the personal interest ‘people’ have taken in it. We are grateful to each one of them for their spirit of sharing for the welfare of the Special Adults.

  • Association of Parents – Public Charitable Trust
  • Humble Beginning in the year 1990 under Leadership of our Adhar’s founder “Late Shri M. G. Gore”.
  • 25-30 Parents came together to find out permanent solution to their worry ‘After us what?”
  • Managing 2 Residential Institutions (Badlapur for Last 24 Years and Nashik for last 5 year)
  • Taking lifelong care of 325 (242 male & 83 female) Special Adults
  • It provides physical, financial as well as psychological relief to parents

A Life Long Care-taking Residential Institution that can provide relief to the parents and their family.

  • Help Parents to take Decision - Emotional & Financial Settlement
  • Set-up Life Long Care-taking Residential Institution
  • Continuous Infrastructure Development
  • Financial Sustainability through Donations
  • Continuous Motivation & Training of Staff
  • Probably biggest institution in India for Special Adults, considering the number of Special Adults & facilities offered from more than 24 years
  • It is a Group Home not hostel. No Holidays / Vacations. Runs 24 X 7 (365 days of year).
  • High Level of Involvement of Parents. 7 out of 10 Trustees are Parent / Guardian..
  • Services to all Categories of Mental Retardation i.e Profound, Severe, moderate, Mild
  • No religion & Caste Bar
  • Financially - runs on Parents contribution & Donations. No Govt. Grant or Aid.
  • It is one of the most neglected area for help from Society & Government compared to other disabilities
  • More than 15 Lakh Special Adults people in India and more than 2 Lakh in Maharashtra
  • Mental Retardation has no solution in medical science
  • No Special Schools / Facilities available for Special Adults

Adhar is run transparently with all decisions being open to discussion with parents. Good governance and honesty are the key principles of managing Adhar

  • 7 out of 10 members of the Governing Board of Trustees are parents of Special Adults. Thus our Adhas is Parents run, managed & funded Organisation.
  • No bar on the basis of religion or caste.
  • We give admissions to adults of all categories of mental retardation.
  • Admissions are given strictly on first come first basis.
  • There is a rule that parents who wish to admit their child at Adhar should first physically visit the residential complex and then take the decision of admission.
  • Equal facilities and services to all residents. No discrimination on the basis of affluence of parents.

Special concession in maintenance charges are given to parents facing financial difficulties.

  • Every resident is happy and enjoys staying at Adhar. Many of our residents don’t wish to go home even for a day.
  • It gives us great pleasure when we see the parents relaxed and free from their worries when they see their children are very happy and comfortable at Adhar.
  • It’s our achievement that many parents are visiting Adhar regularly even though their son / daughter are no more.
  • Parents / visitors can visit the campus any time without informing.
  • The Trustees / Parents / staff / visitors are served the same food which is being prepared for the residents. All of them are paying for their meals at Adhar.
  • Receipts are being issued immediately to the party.

Considering the fact that ADHAR has to provide shelter for all its Special Residents 24x7, 365 days a year nonstop, it has to compulsorily engage large number of highly dedicated and motivated staff who take good care of all the Special Residents. All the Special Residents are provided healthy and nutritious diet all through the day : breakfast, lunch, evening tea and snacks, dinner. ADHAR provides all the clothing needs of the special residents. In order to ensure that quality is ensured on all 365 days it is absolutely essential for ADHAR to fall back on the support of its benevolent individuals and institutes for funding. Adhar charges minimum fees from the parents and the balance is to be funded by donations from the society. All infrastructure expenses are funded purely by donations. Adhar, therefore has to extensively depend on the donations from benevolent donors.

Our Profile

  • Registered under PWD Act 1995
  • Registered under Public Trust Act 1950
  • Adhar Logo is Registered under Trade Marks Act 1999
  • Registered under Section 12 A of Income Tax Act 1961
  • Exempted under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act 1961
  • Registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 1976


Our Vision
To Reach Out to Parents Of Special Adults And To Provide A Life-Time Shelter For Their Special Children

Our Mission
To address the daily care requirements of the Special Adults and work towards the protection, development and enrichment of their life.

Our Strength & Touch Stones

  • Trust, Support & Goodwill of our parents
  • Stable Committed & Dedicated Staff
  • Location: Pollution Free, Hygienic & Beautiful rural setting
  • Ability to manage Special Adults of all categories and make a meaningful difference in their lives.
  • Role Model for other Parents Associations working in this area
  • Accountability & Transparency