Services to Residents

Services to Residents

Details of the Activities being carried out for the beneficiaries at Adhar Psychotherapeutic Intervention:

Residential Clinical Psychologist’s Psychotherapeutic Intervention helps in immediate catharses, which in turn help residents to release the pent-up emotions.

Games & Recreations :

Games & recreation is an integral part of Adhar. Various indoor and outdoor games like cricket, football, carom, Badminton, running, skipping are conducted to keep them fit and trim. Residents take part in sports competitions. Centralised Music System helps the residents to listen the music through out the Day and relax. Residents enjoy the ‘Toy Room’ in batches. They look forward for their turn to come.

Exposure to Group Activities :

Residents are exposed their talents like Dance, singing, drawings, playing the musical instruments, products made by them at Vocational Training Centers and other hidden talents in front of visitors. Residents can interact very confidently with any kind of visitor’s Group.

Medical Facilities / Special Diet :

Round the clock medical services are available at the campus. Nurses are working in the 3 shifts. Regular visits of Honorary Medical officer / Dentist / Physiotherapist & Psychiatrist are arranged. Regular routine check up. For major illness we are connected with the hospitals in Badlapur city & Nashik city. We are also arranging the different medical camps at our campus. We serve the wholesome diet to our resident as per the diet chart suggested by the chief dietitian Mrs. Sarala Mathew of Breech Candy Hospital.

Psychiatric Care :

Few residents need regular Psychiatric intervention. Cases are referred to Consultant Psychiatric and under his guidance the treatment is given regular follow up is being done with him.

Case Work & Counselling :

Individual case study and counseling of residents & parents is the routine process carried out by our Clinical Psychologist and Social Workers.

Yoga & Meditation :

To keep body and mind in synchronized condition; yoga and chanting of ‘AUM’ is practiced every day.

Celebration of Festivals :

We celebrate all the festivals at Adhar.

  • Holi – all residents enjoy the Puranpoli
  • Rakshabandhan – Rakhi & coconut rice is the main attraction for the Day
  • Ganpati is installed for 5 days it is fun and frolic time for residents
  • Diwali – Members of Rotract Club of Dombivli celebrates Diwali with residents every year
  • Residents take part in cultural activity organized by Sushrusha, Ambernath (they celebrate Apang Diwali Every Year)
  • Christmas – Residents are taken for Mid Night Mass at Badlapur Church
  • Gokul Ashtami /Ashdhi Ekadashi
  • Khandobachi Jatra – Local Festival in February Children are taken to climb Khandoba- chi tekdi for Darshan
  • Women’s Day / Founder’s Day/ Birthdays of all residents

Cultural Activities :

In order to remove ‘Social Stigma’ about mental retardation Adhar carries out cultural activities in and outside Adhar. Adhar group has taken part in many cultural events arranged by different groups like Hello Nursery, Rythem Talent Feast, Bryan Dance Academy, Ganesh Utsav Mandal etc. they take part in Dance & Music / Drawing & Painting competition.

Picnics & Outings :

  • Annual Picnic for a Day & some times over night picnic is also arranged for residents.
  • Weekly outings at nearby areas are arranged every week end.
  • Residents are waiting for it very desperately.

Vocational Training / Special Class :

We have vocational training center at Adhar Badlapur & Nashik to keep the residents occupied for the day time. From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm the residents are engaged with different activities like chalk making / candle making / Agarbatti making / embroidery / office files/ dusters / screen printing / painting / drawing etc. Out of 300 residents 157 inmates are attending Vocational Training and 108 inmates are attending the Special Class; remaining are severe or bed ridden.

Maintenance Subsidy :

Most of our parents are very old and from middle class families. It is very difficult to reimburse the actual expenses from them due to their financial difficulties. We provide maintenance subsidy to each resident. Besides that we also provide special subsidy to the residents from very poor families. There are some cases who are totally depends on Adhar.